Financial Assistance (Cash, Food, Medical, Child Care Assistance)

The Financial Assistance / Eligibility Unit of Des Moines Valley Health and Human Services (DVHHS)  provides economic support and health care to persons who qualify in Cottonwood and Jackson Counties.

Click on any of the topics below for more information.  Persons must fill out a formal application in order to have eligibility determined for programs listed below.  

Economic Supports  

Health Care Programs 

To Apply

Persons can apply in-person at either of our Human Services locations Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.  To see if you may be eligible for our programs, use the Eligibility Screening Tool provided by Bridge to Benefits. Applications can be completed online at MNBenefits for Cash, Nutrition Assistance, Child Care Assistance, and Emergency Assistance. Application for health insurance can be completed through MNSURE at


Change Report  - DHS 2402 

Child Care Assistance Program Change Report - DHS 4794 

Child Care Assistance Application

Combined Application Form - DHS-5223 

DVHHS Medical Expense Reimbursement Form - Cottonwood County

DVHHS Medical Expense Reimbursement Form - Jackson County

How to Use Your EBT Card - DHS 3315 

Notice of Access Service Availability to Eligible Minnesota Health Care Recipients