Child Care

People who want to provide Child Care in Minnesota, must have a license from the MN Department of Human Services.  DVHHS is responsible for licensing child care facilities in which children from more than one family and/or relatives are cared. DVHHS conducts background studies and orientations for prospective child care providers, does in-home interviews and safety checks, recommends providers for licensure, and supports existing providers.
Finding Child Care - Finding the right kind of child care can be a daunting task. There are many factors to consider when making a decision. Learn how to decide on a child care provider. Does your child need a lot of stimulation? Do they need to be held? Do you want them in a home setting or classroom setting? Do you need flexible hours? Does your child adapt to different caregivers or do they need consistency? Depending on the answers these questions and more will determine the type of child care you need.
DVHHS can help you understand the different Types of Child Care and a process for Making a Decision to find a Licensed Child Care Provider.
A listing of the current DVHHS Licensed Child Care Providers can be found on the sidebar as well as links to Minnesota Department of Human Services' Licensing Information Lookup and ChildCare Aware database.
Becoming a Child Care Provider - Statistics have shown that individuals who get into the profession of day care without carefully considering all factors can end up frustrated, burned out or both, and don’t last long in the child care business. Please take this time to carefully consider your decision to become a licensed child care provider. A good parent doesn’t automatically qualify you as a good family child care provider.
Thank you for your interest in becoming licensed to provide child care in Cottonwood and Jackson Counties. Click here for more information or by calling either of the DVHHS Human Services offices.