Family Health (CTC, MCH, WIC)

Des Moines Valley Health and Human Services (DVHHS) provides a number of programs supporting Family Health.
DVHHS is committed to this comprehensive child health program provided to children and teens from newborn through the age of 20 who are enrolled in Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare. It provide regular checkups to help keep children healthy, health problems can be found and treated early, children can get tested for anemia and exposure to lead or tuberculosis and other diseases, parents and children can get information about healthy lifestyles. CTC checkups include: information about good physical and mental health, complete physical exam, shots, hearing check, vision check, lab tests, checks on development and growth, referral to the dentist.
Immunizations are important to the health and well-being of everyone, you are never too old to get immunized! Click here for more information on this Preventative Health area.
The goals of the DVHHS Maternal Child Health nursing staff are designed to foster healthy beginnings through: improved pregnancy outcomes, promotion of school readiness in children, prevent child abuse and neglect, promotion of home safety and decrease childhood injury, promotion of positive parenting and resiliency in children, promotion of family health and economic self-sufficiency for children and families. The Baby Bundle Program is designed to assist families with the high cost of raising children and to encourage parent education and community involvement. Babies and young children grow and learn at their own rate. However, some children need special help to grow up healthy and learn skills such as sitting, walking, or talking. Minnesota´s Follow Along Program will help you know if your child is playing, talking, growing, moving, and acting like other children the same age.
DVHHS recognizes that teen pregnancy and childbearing bring substantial social and economic costs through immediate and long-term impacts on teen parents and their children. 
WIC is a nutrition and breastfeeding program that helps young families eat well and be healthy. Dates for WIC Clinics in Jackson and Windom can be obtained by calling any DVHHS location! Click here for Breastfeeding Promotion and Support
WIC can help: Pregnant woman learn about nutritious foods for a healthy pregnancy and birth; Support breastfeeding and help new moms meet their breastfeeding goals; Families provide nutritious foods to their young children so they are healthy, happy and ready to learn.
WIC staff provide: Information about nutrition during pregnancy, and about feeding your baby and young children; Vouchers for a variety of healthy foods, including fruits & vegetables, milk, eggs, whole grain foods, and more; Information and referrals to other health and social services
To get more information on any of these programs, please contact either of the DVHHS Public Health Offices.