Immunizations are important to the health and well-being of everyone, you are never too old to get immunized!
Childhood Immunizations - DVHHS is able to offer free or low cost childhood immunizations to children 0-18 through the MNVFC (Minnesota Vaccine for Children) program. If child has NO insurance, has Medical Assistance (Blue Plus, UCARE), or insurance does not cover the cost of vaccinations, we can help! We may also be able to help persons 19 and older if they are uninsured or insurance does not cover cost of vaccines.  Please call 847-4000 or 831-1987 to schedule an appointment to get immunizations up to date.
Travel - Depending on your travel destination, there may be vaccines that are not required in the United States,
but that are strongly encouraged when traveling abroad, such as typhoid and yellow fever. Don’t wait  until the last minute before checking your vaccination history, it often takes several weeks for your body to build up enough antibodies to protect you. There are several travel clinics in MN that specialize in  preparing you for your trip. These clinics can be found at
MN Immunization Information Connection (MIIC) - All immunizations at public health are entered into the Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC), a system that stores electronic immunization records. MIIC makes keeping track of vaccinations easier and helps ensure Minnesotans get the right vaccines at the right time. Most healthcare providers and schools are able to access these records.
Check out  and for the recommended immunizations for every stage of life and also for any health related concerns that you may have. also offers a wide variety of topics related to immunizations that you may find interesting and helpful.